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Engineering Design & Technical Sales Support Services:

ERG Global Talent specializes in helping clients assemble technical teams with expertise in various design software & electromechanical engineering services, including but not limited to;

▪️ Transformers (Power and Distribution)

▪️ Pressure Vessel & Machine Design

▪️ Power Plant & Substation Equipment Design

▪️ Structural Design, Stress Analysis

▪️ Switchgear Design

▪️ LV/MV/HV Equipment Design, & Instrument Design

▪️ Building Ventilation & HVAC Duct Design

▪️ Electro-Mechanical (General Electro-Mechanical) Design 

▪️ Protection & Controls Design 

▪️ Proposal & Application Engineering

▪️ Contract Management

▪️ Project Engineering

▪️ Drafting & 3D Modeling 

▪️ Fire Protection System Design

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As a minority-owned business, we deliver top-notch engineering design services that reflect innovation and inclusivity. No office hassles, no red tape. It’s a seamless way to access global talent, save resources, and unlock your business’s full potential.

Let's turn your vision into reality together!

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